Changing How Personal Injury Firms Practice Law

LawAlign…the greatest thing since… sliced bread? This idiomatic expression holds more truth than you may currently understand. Just give us until the end of this blog and try to dispute this expression’s true meaning: — a relatively recent invention likely to significantly improve people’s lives. Created over 12 years ago, LawAlign has evolved into the BEST Personal Injury Case Management Software on the market today. There’s no doubt that it improves the working lives of its users. These certainly seem like some bold statements about our program, BUT we are undoubtedly able to ‘put our money where our mouths are.’ Come visit LawAlign at Booth 215 and see for yourselves!

So What’s New? ….Ok Relax! We’ll get there… let’s just talk about what’s old first…you know… like what’s standard with LawAlign. How much time do you have? This could take a while!

  • Databases? …CHECK! We offer multiple databases for Cases, Courts, Firms, Insurance Carriers and Medical Providers… just to name a few. Build your databases as you grow, enter the data ONE TIME and it’s in there for life. Add, delete or make changes to any of the data as you go, as you need, as you wish.
  • Search/Find Feature?…CHECK! The sky’s the limit… and that’s no exaggeration! Manipulate your data based on…. ANYTHING. Do you need to know what cases have pending settlement offers? OK! Do you want to know which pending offers are from a specific insurance company? FINE! Maybe you want to add in pending offers from specific insurance companies, over a certain amount of money? WE CAN DO IT! I told you the sky’s the limit and LawAlign’s FIND feature will not disappoint! Here’s another thing… how about exporting the data onto Excel and using it at your monthly meetings? It’s easy enough…simply save your find options and generate this same report each month… ‘click’ and done!
  • Document Generation?… CHECK! Who has time to waste typing up letters from scratch? Does anyone even do that anymore? Not LawAlign clients! They have their letters, forms, memos, pleadings etc. in the system and generate them as needed either for a single case or on multiple cases at a time. We did a study, the average time to create a medical records request without LawAlign was around 8 minutes, with LawAlign less than 60 seconds! Can you say efficient? … EFFICIENT!

Uh oh…we’re running out of blog space… So What’s New?…There are so many other standard features, but here’s what’s new:

  • iPad / iPhone Accessibility … Who isn’t on the go these days? That’s why LawAlign has incorporated themselves into your busy life by allowing you access while you’re out of the office, in Court, at a meeting or maybe just …on vacation! Everyone deserves that once in a while. Don’t feel out of the loop while you’re out of the office… LawAlign is just a touch away! AND YOU’RE WELCOME!
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM)… In a nutshell? Manage your advertising and assess your return on investment. Of course you want to know where your clients are coming from! Now that you have them, make sure you keep them! LawAlign affords you the option to keep clients informed with automatic, scheduled SMS/Text messages and emails. Nothing beats a phone call every now and then but our new CRM module will be an addition to those calls you already make (or don’t?). Happy clients…happy law firms!
  • Timekeeping/InvoicingYES we are primarily utilized in Person Injury Firms but there’s certainly enough of us to go around! Of course we have clients who practice in other areas that require timekeeping and invoicing. So here you go!

LawAlign just may be the biggest secret since…THE 2016 ABA TECHSHOW… we hope to see you there!


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