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LAWALIGN TEAM“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

– Isaac Newton

Dzeni Hujic



As President of LawAlign, Mr. Hujic practices a unique and revolutionary approach to solving information technology problems. His team is able to handle all production from scratch, customize software, web design, rework existing technological structures, add or remove existing systems or applications, and everything in between.

He provides an overall IT strategy that is second to none and provides unsurpassed experience across a multitude of industries.

Sibila Hujic


Sibila Hujic is the Managing Director of LawAlign. In her role as managing director, Ms. Hujic drives strategy, capability development and overall growth of the company, while overseeing the day-to-day operations, including staff and workflow management.

Ms. Hujic has considerable experience evaluating, supporting, and improving law firm management practices, procedures, and systems in the context of litigation support. Her expertise is backed by advanced technological solution knowledge.

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    LawAlign will help you turn your data into actionable insights for your law firm.

    We work to understand your practice and procedures so that the implementation of LawAlign will result in a deeper understanding of your organization’s performance. This data will allow you to create new procedures to improve efficiency and increases profitability.

    LawAlign consists of experienced attorneys, legal consultants, software developers and IT professionals, working collaboratively, to offer a hybrid of consultation and software services, resulting in management solutions and a comprehensive, yet expansive, software package.

    What good is purchasing an out of the box case management system when it doesn’t include your procedures and processes? Don’t waste your time having to conform, change and battle a learning curve. LawAlign is customized for your office; it is built with your needs and wants particularly for your firm.

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