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Be Efficient and Effective with LawAlign the BEST Personal Injury Case Management Software

LawAlign was built on one of the most powerful yet easy to use cross-platform databases on the market. FileMaker Pro is today’s most user friendly platform, it is intuitive, simple and extremely easily navigable.

Often times firms worry about the learning curve that their staff will have when beginning to work with a case management software, or when they are making a transition from an obsoleted system. After hundreds of firms that we have trained to use LawAlign, the average time to learn the software and begin working is two hours. TWO HOURS! There is no need for endless hours of training and having to refer back to hundreds of pages of instructions.

Here is a a quick overview of the steps that we take to implement LawAlign into your firm.


You will not be disturbed. Depending on which case management software you are currently using, you will work on your current system while we prep LawAlign for your firm.


Customization for your firm (if applicable)


Once all the customizations are made for your firm (if applicable), we will begin converting your software on a Friday at the end of the day.


By Monday morning your staff will be able to log on to LawAlign and begin working without skipping a beat.

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If your office does not have a previous case management system, we will schedule a convenient day and time to install and upload the system and within hours your staff can begin working in the system.

The training will occur in the week after the system is installed, so that the training will be fresh in all of the users minds while they are actually utilizing the software.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to make your transition to LawAlign as smooth as possible!

The Best Personal Injury Case Management Software Ever Is Here!

Cross-platform capability

LawAlign can run on Windows, Macs, iPads, iPhones, Web or any combination of these platforms.

Less costly development

Thanks to FileMaker’s rapid development tools, we can work faster and handle customization more easily, thus reducing the costs of development.



FileMaker is based on a powerful database engine that can support terabytes of data and hundreds of users that includes a PHP API for driving your business. It’s used by many small and mid-sized businesses as their enterprise database engine and by large corporations and government agencies to support departmental applications.

Reports & Charts in Minutes

Ability to create reports with ease. Group and summarize your information while being able to modify your reports in various ways.

iPad and iPhone Solutions

Access LawAlign on the go through your iPad and iPhone. Complete tasks, track documents and enjoy the ability to be able to work on your cases and calendar at any given moment.

Working with Microsoft Excel

Export in and out of Excel. Using FileMaker and Excel together you can take data analysis to the highest level.


Data is encrypted while moving over a network and web. Now your data is also encrypted when it’s on a FileMaker client or is hosted on a FileMaker server. AES 256-bit encryption ensures complete security at all times.

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LawAlign is all about the details!

  • LawAlign was not created by one attorney, it was created by hundreds of personal injury attorneys, paralegals, and office managers, who shared their ideas and thoughts with our developers to create a one of a kind case management system, that is as powerful, as it is easy to use. It is a case management system that evolves with each new client that we have. Because our system is customizable, there is a free flow of ideas from the only people who matter, the ones that are working in personal injury every day!
  • LawAlign is the leader of Case Management Software programs for Personal Injury practices Nationwide! It encompasses all that a PI practice demands from intake to trial and is fully customizable to your individual firm’s needs. Save time and money PLUS simplify routine tasks and improve efficiency ALL without adding staff! Utilize LawAlign on both PCs and Macs for a ONE TIME cost and NO recurring fees!
LawAlign is as user friendly as it is powerful, anyone can use it! We get it, change is hard but we guarantee you will see a difference in efficiency and speed amongst your staff. We worked with a firm in Melville, New York, before LawAlign there was 18 employees and after two years of utilizing LawAlign only 5 employees are needed for the same workload! It is possible! The answer is organization, consistency and LawAlign!

If you work in a Personal Injury Firm you know that there are hundreds of details to keep track off. Everything from new case details to settlement or trial and everything in between.

5 Ways LawAlign Will Drastically Increase Your Productivity


LawAlign comes with over 700 pre-coded templates

LawAlign comes with over 700 pre-coded templates that you can easily change or use as they are to save time to create the documents that are needed for your cases. Imagine how much time your staff will save? For example to create a medical records request with a HIPAA authorization takes anywhere between 10-15 minutes. This time is required to type and change the medical provider contact info, the client info and then to type in or manually write in the same information in the HIPAA authorization. With LawAlign to generate a medical records request and a HIPAA authorization takes less than 60 seconds! Feel free to give it a shot and time yourself with our 30 day free trial!


Automated tasks/events

Case plans also known as automated tasks/events is another great way to save time! In Personal Injury, the work up of a case is pretty much the same every time depending on what type of case it is. By automating tasks/events staff will no longer have to manually enter each task/event they have to complete or better yet risk forgetting a step. The automated tasks/events will not only help law firms make sure that all of their cases are equally worked on and moved but firms will be able to schedule and send automatic emails, text messages and even attach documents to tasks/events to make it easier for law firms to handle their cases.


Youy don’t have to leave LawAlign to access case documents

LawAlign allows users to access their case documents right from the system. Users are able to open, track, copy, move, zip, and unzip files without ever leaving LawAlign. Users are able to link documents to any place in the system for quick and easy retrieval instead of having to leave the system to access the case documents.


Send Out Mass SMS/Text Messages & Emails

The client relationship management database will allow users to track their advertising efforts to see how many clients were received through which advertisement and so much more. In addition to tracking advertising the CRM database has the ability to send out mass SMS/Text messages and emails. Imagine how much time staff will save by being able to send a mass email/SMS Text message that will appear personal to the client asking for them to touch base regarding their treatment or provide them with a status update. Users will even be able to schedule automatic mass emails and SMS/Text messages so that the system will do the work for your staff, the only thing the user has to do is create the schedule.


LawAlign keeps All Of The Facts Of Your Case In One Place

Last but not least, LawAlign keeps all of the facts of your case in one place. Say goodbye to searching the office for a file or a document that has been misplaced. Most importantly whether a firm has 1 user or a 100 users by using LawAlign all information regarding a case such as calls, emails, events, tasks and text messages that are compiled by its users will all be in one place, that way if you have a user that is out because of a sick day or if a staff member decides to leave your firm there will be no information lost. Anyone will be able to pick up and see where the case left off and what still needs to be done.

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In uncertain times, it's important to stay focused on the future

LawAlign’s prices are extremely affordable. The purchase of LawAlign is a one time charge. The price is also dependent on whether or not your office will require customization. The best part of LawAlign software is that there are no recurring or mandatory annual support fees. LawAlign will never stop supporting your version and force you to upgrade. We have clients who are still using the LawAlign case management software that was built for them in the late 90’s with no issues. We can even show you!

Case Management
Staff Management
Billing & Financials

Access LawAlign on your IPHONE, IPAD, MAC, WINDOWS and WEB!

Access all LawAlign data through your iPhones, iPads and the Web, eliminating the possibility of your staff not having every calendar event, contact, document, email and note, 24 hours a day, and most importantly, in Court. Enjoy assigning tasks to staff, reviewing documents, checking your calendar, and paperless intakes, from any location!

No server in your office or are you a solo always on the go? No problem! LawAlign can be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) so you can access your case management software from any location at any time!


Are you ready to take your firm to the next level? Let us demonstrate the power of LawAlign!