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LawAlign is the most powerful and most widely used Personal Injury
Case Management Software on the market.
Success with LawAlign!

LawAlign is the leader of Case Management Software programs for Personal Injury practices nationwide! It encompasses all that a Personal Injury practice demands from intake to trial and is fully customizable to your individual firm’s needs. Save time and money PLUS simplify routine tasks and improve efficiency ALL without adding staff! Utilize LawAlign on both PCs and Macs for a one time cost and no recurring fees.

LawAlign was designed to keep track of the many details a personal injury practice requires. It’s simple, general case management software will not cut it. LawAlign is the only solution for Personal Injury firms nationwide.

Personal Injury Case Management

LawAlign will be your FINAL solution for a Case Management Software

LawAlign is a powerful, easy-to-use case management system. Quite simply, LawAlign helps you organize your practice. LawAlign makes it easy for attorneys and legal assistants to electronically manage every aspect of the case, from client intake through depositions and discovery to settlement or trial. It was created by the needs and wants of attorneys, using a built-in, industrial-strength relational database engine and a friendly, user-driven interface. This combination of processing power and ease-of-use allows legal professionals to do valuable work from the day of installation, and they need NOT become computer experts. LawAlign is not an out of the box Case Management Software, it’s completely customized to fit your firm and your needs.

So don’t get lost in all the facts and issues during case preparation. Let LawAlign set a clear path to trial or settlement for your firm.

Typical Firm Tribulations

Most firms battle similar management difficulties which cost the company extraordinary losses in terms of time, energy, productivity and most importantly, profit. Deficiencies in office organization, workflow, communication (both externally and internally), work product uniformity, mismanaged files, lost data and documents, inadequate productivity, and Staff shortcomings in size, skill or motivation are all a one-way ticket to dissolution of firms.

LawAlign recognizes effective existing firm policies and procedures and incorporates them into a customized software product. LawAlign identifies and solves deficiencies by integrating new practices by specialized software features to eliminate those pesky and recurring firm difficulties.

LawAlign Solutions

LawAlign was not created by a few attorneys, it was created by hundreds of personal injury attorneys, paralegals, and office managers, who shared their ideas and thoughts with our developers to create a one of a kind case management system, that is as powerful, as it is easy to use. It is a case management system that evolves with each new client. LawAlign is fully customizable which has allowed the free flow of ideas from the only people who matter, the ones that are working in personal injury every day to change the way personal injury firms practice.

Increased profits
Increased productivity
Increased case turnover and resolution rate
Improved office technology
Increased client satisfaction
Increased quality of work product
Increased staff motivation and satisfaction
Ease of Case monitoring
Ease of Staff performance monitoring
Achieved goals & deadlines
Reduced costs
Reduced errors
Reduced stress
Reduced grievances and malpractice claims

Who is the Team & What do they do?

LawAlign consists of experienced attorneys, legal consultants, software developers and IT professionals, working collaboratively, to offer a hybrid of consultation and software services, resulting in management solutions and a comprehensive, yet expansive, software package.

What good is purchasing an out of the box case management system when it doesn’t include your procedures and processes? Don’t waste your time having to conform, change and battle a learning curve. LawAlign is customized for your office; it is built with your needs and wants particularly for your firm. 

Why We Chose To Build LawAlign Platform On FileMaker?

LawAlign is a client/server application that runs FileMaker Server Database Engine.

FileMaker is a powerful database designed for the Mac or PC environment. It delivers high-speed performance without the need for an onsite database administrator. FileMaker is required for LawAlign to function.

We love FileMaker. Mainly because, as the owner of LawAlign, Dzeni Hujic says, “Once it’s up, FileMaker just simply runs, an extremely stable platform, around since 1985 and a subsidiary of Apple, Inc.!”

Cross-platform capability

LawAlign can run on Windows, Macs, iPads, iPhones, or any combination of these platforms.

Less costly development

Thanks to FileMaker’s rapid development tools, we can work faster and handle customization more easily, thus reducing the costs of development.


FileMaker is based on a powerful database engine that can support terabytes of data and hundreds of users that includes a PHP API for driving your business. It’s used by many small and mid-sized businesses as their enterprise database engine and by large corporations and government agencies to support departmental applications.

Reports & Charts in Minutes

Ability to create reports with ease. Group and summarize your information while being able to modify your reports in various ways.

iPad and iPhone Solutions

Access LawAlign on the go through your iPad and iPhone. Complete tasks, track documents and enjoy the ability to be able to work on your cases and calendar at any given moment.


Working with Microsoft Excel

Export in and out of Excel. Using FileMaker and Excel together you can take data analysis to the highest level.


Data is encrypted while moving over a network and web. Now your data is also encrypted when it’s on a FileMaker client or is hosted on a FileMaker server. AES 256-bit encryption ensures complete security at all times.

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Features - What We Are Good At

Be Efficient and Effective with LawAlign the BEST Personal Injury Case Management Software

LawAlign was built on one of the most powerful yet easy to use cross-platform databases on the market. FileMaker Pro is today’s most user friendly platform, it is intuitive, simple and extremely easily navigable.

Often times firms worry about the learning curve that their staff will have when beginning to work with a case management software, or when they are making a transition from an obsoleted system. After hundreds of firms that we have trained to use LawAlign, the average time to learn the software and begin working is two hours. TWO HOURS! There is no need for endless hours of training and having to refer back to hundreds of pages of instructions.

Here is a a quick overview of the steps that we take to implement LawAlign into your firm.


You will not be disturbed. Depending on which case management software you are currently using, you will work on your current system while we prep LawAlign for your firm.


Customization for your firm (if applicable)


Once all the customizations are made for your firm (if applicable), we will begin converting your software on a Friday at the end of the day.


By Monday morning your staff will be able to log on to LawAlign and begin working without skipping a beat.

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If your office does not have a previous case management system, we will schedule a convenient day and time to install and upload the system and within hours your staff can begin working in the system.

The training will occur in the week after the system is installed, so that the training will be fresh in all of the users minds while they are actually utilizing the software.

Our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to make your transition to LawAlign as smooth as possible!

How To Decide Between A Desktop Or Cloud Case Management System?

There are plenty of things to consider when trying to decide between a desktop or cloud case management system. We can’t speak for other case management software, nor do we want to, but we can speak for LawAlign, and here are things you should consider:


LawAlign allows you the ability to create software based on how you run your practice, and you can always add more features as your firm grows.

Automated Calendaring

Most cloud based case management systems lack this very important feature and where the feature is present, you will find their Automated Calendaring limited.

Networking Capabilities

One of the many advantages of a desktop application is its dependence from internet connectivity and bandwidth considerations.


Desktop applications have information on the internal details of a system, such as data storage location, encryption used, and user privileges. One of the biggest challenges in cloud based applications is having lack of proper information on location of the data, recovery policy used, encryption method, and trustworthiness of the cloud service provider. This is one of the main reasons why our clients prefer LawAlign as opposed to placing their highly sensitive information on the servers of third party cloud service providers.

LawAlign was specifically designed for personal Injury Attorneys

LawAlign is installed on your Mac or PC, allowing you more control, faster speed, more sophisticated features, and since the purchase of LawAlign is a one time charge, over time costs less.

iOS, Windows & MAC compatible

Share databases between iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac users.

Specific for Personal Injury

Many cloud case management systems are extremely general, and here at LawAlign, we feel that success is in the details.

One time charge, no required annual support fees

Your firm owns the software as opposed to renting cloud space.

Field-level Access

Flexible security options allow users to restrict access to databases or specific layouts or fields within a database based on their preferences.

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If you want a powerful personal injury case management system, LawAlign is your best choice.

We encourage you to try our 30 Day Free Trial and let LawAlign's features speak for themselves.

What are LawAlign’s benefits?

LawAlign provides you with limitless options to manage your cases, including features created by us and your own staff, such as:

  • Manageable and editable Rule-Based Task Scheduling
  • Manageable and editable Task Lists
  • Manageable and editable Case Plans
  • Manageable and editable Checklists
  • Manageable and editable Critical Dates
  • Manageable and editable Alerts
  • Manageable and editable Calendars
  • Additionally, its document generation technology offers error-free and signature ready documents from your personalized templates and frequently used forms, auto-filling data previously entered into your case files
  • Powerful filters and color coding options provide user-friendly access and views of your case data.
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LawAlign is your key for successful knowledge management.

LawAlign keeps all the supporting facts, events, people, places, and documents organized throughout the pre-litigation and litigation phase of your case.

LawAlign was formed with a simple premise: to build the most beautiful, practical and customizable case management systems on the market. Our mission is to provide innovative software solutions for law firms nationwide, that are of the utmost quality, while observing the highest levels of integrity and business ethics. We look to always provide our customers with prompt, courteous service, while helping their law firms grow and flourish.

LawAlign’s vision is to bring customization to your office, no matter how big or small. We can develop your software from scratch, or we can provide you with an already developed system that you can customize to your liking.

Powerful Case Management Software To Help You Run Your Office

Staff manager

This system will provide each employee with their own personal daily, weekly, monthly or annual “to-do list” and allow management to monitor employee’s daily, weekly, monthly or annual production with just a few simple clicks. Know who your most and least valuable employees are.

Digital filing cabinet

LawAlign allows users to import documents into its digital filing cabinet, allowing law offices to go paperless without separate software, or simply have a back-up file within the program. It enables users to access all case documents whether they are in Court on an iPad, or on the beach with their iPhone.

Document processor

With one time entry of client and case data, documents can be generated for you, ready to go out in minutes. Our programmers can customize templates so that this system assembles your own letters, pleadings & forms, or you may create them in Word or Wordperfect and attach them once completed without personalized templates.

Calendar clerk

Eliminate missed Court appearances, client appointments and critical dates with the comprehensive legal calendaring portion of the system. Enjoy our library of Court contact information, including Judges and court staff, saving valuable time for attorneys, paralegals and calendar clerks.

Case status monitor

A daily time tickler and a vast array of filters can generate a list of cases in a particular case status within seconds, allowing employers and staff to effectively monitor the movement of files. This useful tool will enable you to never miss a statute and compile a list of cases ready for settlement instantly.

Word finder

Limit wasting valuable time searching for information with our unlimited full-text search capabilities. The system will locate a word across the entire database for easy access to case data. See how many cases you have with a particular adjuster, or look up the attorney you only recall as “Jane S.”

File clerk

Eliminate the probability of missing information when all documents, emails, notes, events, client communications, tasks and phone messages are all linked to your case files seamlessly. No more wasting time searching for missing documents or contact information.

Medical records & special damages tracker

Strategically placed fields allow for simple processing and monitoring of medical and expense records for your clients, increasing your bottom line in settlement negotiations and recapturing valuable conciliation information.

Sabotage detective & System security

Automatic identification of employees who open files and modify data will deter any unruly employees from destructive behavior, increase responsibility of staff and compel concentration. Essential user restrictions will minimize unintentional deletion of precious data.

Case manager

With an entire case plan from intake to disposition entered into your cases, never miss a task, Statute or deadline. Know exactly what has been and what will be completed, by whom, and when, in each case instantaneously.

Generating Documents Has Never Been So Easy!

Generating letters and documents is one of the most valuable features in LawAlign. Many case management systems have it but creating the templates is a whole other story. We have heard from clients how difficult and tedious it was to create templates for their cases using other systems and how due to it being so complicated, they just didn't even use it.

LawAlign has created one of the most simple ways to create templates for your office. Simply copy and paste the desired code (codes will pull in your case information) into your word document and upload your template into our system. You will then verify that the codes have been entered correctly and your template name will turn from red to blue, confirming that you are ready to generate your document. Next, you will decide whether to generate your document just for the case that you are in or multiple cases. Last step, review and print. The document will automatically be saved in your case folder, so no need to worry about where you will be saving it. If you ever need to revamp your templates, simply click on the pencil icon in the templates tab and change it.
Keep in mind that templates are only made one time. After that, all staff will have to do is go to their desired case and generate the document with one click, then review and print. It's a beautiful world with LawAligns easy to use document generation abilities.

Are you ready to take your firm to the next level? Let us demonstrate the power of LawAlign!