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Whether you intend to convert your antiquated system, or begin fresh, our unique full customization options offer solutions to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate your firms procedures and practices into a cost-efficient software package, integrating it with your office based upon how YOU run your practice.


LawAlign’s case management software will help your firm establish a more effective and efficient goal-setting process. It will accelerate performance improvements with clear and continuous feedback. You will gain powerful insights by using your data more effectively, but most importantly, you will improve your law firm’s bottom line.

Remarkable search capabilities

With the most sophisticated and unprecedented search functions on the market, LawAlign allows limitless options for data identification and report generation by providing tools to search any field in any screen and cross reference multiple commands across the entire system. Search all tasks for a list of cases missing police reports for a specific date or specific upcoming to-dos, search all adjusters under “John” simply because you forgot his last name within a specific insurance company, search all cases by customized details such as New Cases, Dropped, Four Month Review, or search all cases for rear-end auto accidents.

Custom screen case & more

Capitalize on efficient data storage and tracking features in LawAlign’s standard case management screens, such as Documents, Notes, Insurance, Employment, Medical Records, IMEs, Liens, Litigation, Case Expenses, Settlement, and more, or request your own tailored views of your secure case data. Negotiate, provide clients statuses, track and view medicals, view all notes or documents, within seconds. Allow your system to auto-calculate all settlement gross and net fees, disbursements and any other case financials you choose.

Data conversion

LawAlign can seamlessly handle your data conversion, regardless of the system that you are currently using. We have successfully converted data from almost of all of the case management systems on the market. Data conversions are unique to each one of our customers and everything is dependent upon your needs and requests. You tell us what you want converted into your new system, and we take care of the rest. With our customized case management system you can have what you want, EXACTLY how you want it.

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