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Case Plans


They are known as Case Plans, Automatic Tasks, Tickler/Reminder System, etc. Here at LawAlign, we refer to ours as Case Plans. Case Plans are one of our favorite features of LawAlign. Our system comes with pre-made case plans that can be edited, you can make your own plans, or we can make them together. You can make full plans or partial plans for anything from administrative duties to Trial Prep. Once a plan is made, it can be copied and adjusted for another case type so that you need not remake the entire plan again.

Once a plan is created, all staff will need to do is simply apply it to a case that they are working on. All of the tasks are scheduled according to the rules that you’ve set in your plan.

Say goodbye to making tasks as you go for the entire life of a case, missing important steps, deadlines and forgetting to do certain tasks for a case, or relying on your paralegals to remember all of the steps. Not to mention your staff will be overjoyed! Case plans will schedule your task, remind you and alert you!


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