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The Legal Software Market


After decades of painstakingly perfecting your firm’s business model, practices and procedures, you search the web and set up meetings for the most comprehensive and cost-effective software on the market.


Does your software really provide you with the appropriate custom to your needs?


Typical software requires your firm to mold itself into the program’s specific guidelines, eliminating many of your office policies and procedures.  This model requires hours of training, developing procedures, reorganizing and most importantly, stops production across the entire company.  So now not only have you expended a large amount of money on a software program, you are actually losing much more from a productivity standpoint.

In order to properly and efficiently mesh your firm with a legal software system, and not waste the valuable time, energy and money expended over the years in prior management, you should have the option of purchasing a system customized for you.  Forget spending money on options you don’t need, choose those that you do and save valuable resources.

Back in the days of audio records and cassettes, you had to buy the entire album, riddled with songs you don’t want.  Now, the music industry is more cost effective and consumers are more satisfied since they can purchase only what they choose, song by song.  LawAlign’s business model works the same way.  You are provided with a less expensive yet comprehensive system tailored to you, along with any optional add-ons, to satisfy your firm’s needs.

Business Benefits of LawAlign


Most importantly, and exclusively, LawAlign allows you to grow.  Firms have upgrading options to add features as you determine that you require additional functions or have the funds to do so at a later date.

LawAlign offers a two-in-one package.  A complimentary meeting allows the company to evaluate your firm, its policies, procedures and productivity.  Not only do you benefit from legal consultation, often providing valuable insight into other ideas and options from our staff who gained years of management and consulting experience, you have an option of taking advantage of having a software system designed exclusively for you.

LawAlign offers a base system, which in actuality is extremely comprehensive, then provides custom content to meet the needs of your business, not require you to mold to the system.  It’s groundbreaking.

By: Andrea Rothamel


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