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Tips & Tricks for Generating Envelopes or Labels


New software often requires attorneys and their staff to learn new procedures, which can be difficult and infuriating. Wouldn’t you rather be working your files and settling your cases? LawAlign has the solution for this problem. Don’t demand that clients learn the basics all over again, such as generating envelopes and labels.

Once your case management software system is implemented, you still use all of your functions in Word or Wordperfect, just as you always did before.  Here’s an example:

If you want to generate envelopes or labels for one or two recipients, use your Word or Wordperfect functions within the letter or document, just like you have in the past.  It’s that simple. There’s no new instructions.

But what about mass mailings?

Sometimes law firms move offices.  I’ve seen many deal with the inevitable problems that come along with relocation.  For instance, oftentimes, you don’t have the capacity to generate multiple labels for different recipients, right?  You need to tell everyone about your new address.

If you want to generate a mass mailing to an entire database list, sort and filter the list as you choose, then use the label button in Law Align to generate sheets of labels.


·  You can simply print the labels and make manual changes to correct errors.


·  You can review the labels on the screen and make any corrections within the actual contact details, then regenerate when you are done, and print from there.


·  If you have software that edits pdfs, you can save the labels as a pdf file and use the pdf software to edit and print them.


It’s that simple.

Now go ahead and contact LawAlign to schedule a demo or request a free 30-day trial. Let our personal injury case management software do the work for you, so you can concentrate on generating new business. Reap the benefits of settling cases faster, organize your law office better, be more productive and efficient, and enjoy the peace of mind and free time you’ll experience.


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