FeaturesApril 30, 20210

Export and Import Between LawAlign and Excel


FileMaker database software on which LawAlign runs and Microsoft Excel are two of the most popular and powerful applications in use today. Both are used by millions of people all across the globe. FileMaker and Excel are both powerful in their own way, each allow you to compile, analyze and present your data in numerous ways. When used together, the two applications allow you take your data analysis to a whole new level while minimizing double entry and errors.

LawAlign allows you to search across multiple fields throughout your entire database. By being able to group your data in multifold ways, you can create unlimited reports and extract any data that you need to analyze. There is no other case management software that allows you to manipulate your data with such ease.

By being able exchange data between LawAlign and Excel, you will be able to convert your excel spreadsheets into LawAlign and then move your LawAlign data into excel for charting, making pivot tables, and other features. Your office will be able to reuse your existing data without having to manually enter the data in multiple places by protecting your original data and extending the functionality of LawAlign.

The best part of the LawAlign and Excel relationship is that anyone can do it! The steps to import and export your data between LawAlign and Excel are extremely simple and do not require an endless amount of steps. Begin using LawAlign and unlock the potential of your data.


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