FeaturesApril 30, 20210

LawAlign and Paperless Law Firms

Whether your office is paperless or you are debating on going paperless, LawAlign can help. LawAlign does not store documents but it allows you to link your client folders to your Cases in LawAlign, that way when you are in the documents tab within a particular case you are able to see and access all of the documents within your client’s folder right through LawAlign. When forms are generated within LawAlign they automatically save into the client folder as well.

The process of scanning documents and reviewing what has come in varies office to office.  LawAlign is fully customizable and we can fit LawAlign to exactly how your office functions however if you are new to being a paperless office LawAlign has a great way of getting started.

First make sure that your office scanner can scan the documents directly into your client folders, once the scanner places the documents in the client folder it will automatically appear in LawAlign since the client folders are linked. Next, each day the mail is scanned in, you can go to the Documents List within LawAlign and filter the days that you would like to view.  You will then see a full list of the documents that have come in which are ready for your review, you will be able to access the documents, marked them as reviewed and much more.

LawAlign allows firms to work smarter not harder by allowing you to not only organize your documents but access and review them with ease.


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