FeaturesApril 30, 20210

New LawAlign Dashboard


We are proud to introduce our new dashboard. The moment you log in to LawAlign, the dashboard defaults to dashboard details to show you your today’s tasks. The dashboard itself has links to your Tasks, Events, Docs, Cases, and so much more.

I recently met a few paralegals that told me that they go through dozens of legal pads by using them to write down quick notes, tasks, phone numbers or reminders. They never throw them out, but keep the legal pads at the bottom of their drawers. At that moment, I realized that LawAlign has many places for notes which are related to cases and entities but not for users. With LawAlign’s new dashboard, you can make as many notes as you like in your dashboard notepad and leave the legal pads behind!

Additionally, there are websites that you are constantly visiting through out your day, now you can pre-set the links on your dashboard so that when you log in to LawAlign you can access those websites with a simple click.

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