FeaturesApril 30, 20210

User Dashboard


The LawAlign User Dashboard in an invaluable tool for keeping track of all of the essentials. Your tasks, critical dates, documents, reminders, tracked documents, events and cases are at your finger tips. Through the tasks and events you can access your cases and add information to your case through the Task Additionals, without having to leave the dashboard to add information.

In the Scheduled Tasks, we have all tasks, today’s tasks, past tasks and future. Obviously, the name of the game is to have a clear past tasks tab. The Dashboard can not be closed once the user has logged in, it can only be minimized. This encourages the staff to always work out of their dashboard to ensure nothing is missed and to allow management to track their staffs productivity.

The Critical Dates show the user the upcoming critical dates. Critical Dates for the entire firm can be printed and reviewed to ensure that nothing ever falls between the cracks. Next to the critical dates we have Reminders. Once a reminder is snoozed or dismissed it will stay in your reminder tab in case you need to refer back. My Documents in the user dashboard are used for personal documents that you may or may not need. It allows for easy access to your most used documents. Next up is the Tracked Documents, the tracked documents can be tracked from any case and can be used for important documents you are waiting to receive back. Next, we have My Events, my events are your court appearances, appointments and critical dates. All Events will appear in the calendar. Last but never least we have My Cases, my cases allow you to open all of the cases you are assigned to while working in your dashboard.

Tasks and Events can be added through the dashboard and will go to the appropriate case and calendar. Also you can add personal tasks and events that do not have to be linked to the case.


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