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Virtual Paralegals – List of Services

Paralegal Services

Below is the list of virtual paralegal services:


1. General


– Processing all incoming mail by uploading, naming, updating the case management software with the document information, as well as putting tasks and events for the attorneys and staff.

– Reviewing cases based on designated checklists to make sure nothing is missing within the case and to obtain missing information.

– Case Summaries.


2. Pre-Litigation in Paralegal Services


– Telephone intakes, opening cases, claims, opening letters, rep letters.

– Medical records gathering and inputting in system.

– Following of SOL and other critical dates with reminders.

– Reviewing medical records and creating medical case summaries.

– Requesting and inputting No-Fault Payment Ledgers and IMEs

– IME email and text message reminders before appointments.

– Medical/Medicaid/Lien set-up and information at the closing of a case.

– Monthly status calls, letters and status checklists to clients.

– Monthly calls to client regarding treatment, injuries and updating file.

– HIPAA Preparation for Misc. Docs.

– Handling property damage claims.

– Handling lost wage claims.

– Obtaining missing information from clients.

– Requesting and Receiving Medical records, Medical Bills, Prior medical records, Workers Comp Records, No-Fault Ledgers, IME Reports.

– Medical record review and settlement packages with case summary.

– File review and updating system.

– Letters to employers for documentation as far as wage loss and updating system.

– Obtaining Police, EMS and ambulance reports.

– Client relationship management – returning phone calls and answering questions.

– Settlement paperwork.

– Misc. emails, faxes, phone calls, text messages as needed.


3. Litigation in Paralegal Services


– E-Filing

– Drafting Summons & Complaints

– File Aff of Service

– Send Copy for S&C to Carrier

– Request copy of defendant MV 104 form

– Follow up on Answers

– Reading and summarizing EBT Transcripts

– Draft BPs, Responses to Combined Demands D&I Requests, Draft Notice to Inspect, Admit, RJIs, NOIs, Responses to Discovery and any other misc. documents that need preparing.

– Motions

*Since our virtual paralegals will become part of your office and only work for your office, you are able to train them to better fit the needs of your office (The list of virtual paralegal services will fitt the needs of your office). Please note that the above list is used for example purposes and you can add or take away from the list based on your preferences with regards to the tasks that you assign.


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