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Word of Mouth – The Most Powerful Advertisment

In every industry word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement and the biggest compliment. In the mist of working on and managing your cases, going to court, managing staff and the many other hats that law firm owners and managers wear, where is there time to focus on client relationships to encourage referrals through word of mouth?

This is where LawAlign’s Case Management Software comes in, while law firms can function without a case management system, they function much more efficiently with one. Automating the process of calendaring, case management, time tracking, billing and document assembly all saves time. With the time that is saved attorneys and their staff can focus more on client relationships and the growth of their firms.

LawAlign’s automatic workflows make sure that you or your staff never skip a beat. An automatic workflow is where a case plan for a specific type of matter is created then tasks and events are created and scheduled based on the creator’s preference. These case plans are then used in individual cases so that nothing is forgotten, from a task telling your staff to send a send thank you letter to your source all the way to finalizing settlement paperwork, everything is scheduled. Best part is, your staff does not have to waste time manually imputing hundreds of tasks and events and then remembering to do them.

Law firms will be able to schedule the client contact within the automatic workflows. Picture this; you receive a date for an Independent Medical Exam, you input the date the Independent Medical Exam Event is scheduled and automatically your software will send an email or SMS/text message to your client as a reminder. Another example; your client’s bill is due, schedule your workflow so that a few days before the due date your system will send out a reminder email or SMS/text message reminding your client to send their payment. There are so many different ways to use CRM tools, from wishing your clients happy holidays to reminding them about past due bills. You will also have the ability to automatically send out feedback checklists, which will help your firm uncover any problems and prevent bad word of mouth.

As I am sure you know, case management systems are not created equal, but rest assured  there is a system for every firm. When you are looking to get started with a software to help you manage your cases and client relationships make sure that they include, automatic workflows, CRM tools, contact management, document assembly, customizability, access via iPad and iPhone, HIPAA compliance, time and billing, and anything else that you believe will take your law firm to the next level.

Making and keeping your clients happy has benefits that stretch beyond having satisfied clients. Happy and satisfied clients will most likely refer your services to their friends, family and colleagues. Beginning to think about a Client Relationship Management strategy that is going to help you build loyalty and improve your firm’s reputation is the first and very important step for firm growth.


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