FeaturesApril 29, 20210

Account and Password List


How many times has your staff changed the password to their computers or your current case management software and once they left, you did not have access? How many times have you had to have someone in your office waste time running around to take down the account information and then store it on a piece of paper? I have also heard of firms requiring their staff to have the same password in order to always have account access when they need it. This all screams violations!

Depending on your preferences, specified owners or managers of the firm will have an account list button on their dashboard that is not visible to other users. Once they are ready to access the list, they will be prompted by a pop up to enter their password. Once entered, your password list will appear.

To avoid headaches from lost passwords, LawAlign keeps track of all of the accounts and passwords, even as they change. You will always have a password protected way to access user account information so that you never need to call your IT department.

A feature that is very simple, yet extremely useful!


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