FeaturesApril 29, 20210

LawAlign’s Internal Messaging for Personal Injury Firms


What increases productivity and communication within your office? LawAligns amazing Internal Messaging!

Instant Messaging has been around since the mid 1990’s and even though it is not used as much as it once was, there is still one area that relies heavily on instant messaging and that is business.

IM is extremely useful and great for increasing efficiency. Imagine you get a phone call and the person on the line does not want to leave a message on a voicemail. You take down the message and now you have to remember to get that message to the appropriate person. Lets scratch all of that and just send them instant messages from your desk! It’s rapid communication and an amazing collaborative communication tool.

IM systems that you can download and begin using are not secure for law firms, so our answer is the LawAlign Instant Messaging tool. With filters, message archiving, and being able to run it in house, you will be on your way to higher odds of achieving your law firms goals with less interruptions.


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