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Don’t you want all of your settlement information instantaneously at your fingertips?

Don’t you want all of your settlement information instantaneously at your fingertips?


First let’s verify the primary goals for personal injury attorneys. To obtain more cases, to have more valuable cases, to settle quicker, and, of course, to get both the client and firm the most money possible.

LawAlign can help!

Case management software, specifically for personal injury attorneys, is crucial to reaching your goals. LawAlign can provide you with more free time to network once you are organized, we can increase your settlement amounts and decrease the time-frame in which they settle, and we can ensure that you aren’t missing valuable case data.

Oftentimes the workload is so heavy and unorganized that firms and their staff miss valuable data crucial to a case. Medical records aren’t tracked and received, or misfiled, lost wage information is lost (no pun intended), and other damages aren’t calculated or put inside the file. It takes money out of your client’s pocket and your bank account when you are missing data. The bigger the damages and medical treatment, the more valuable the case, right? Obviously, whoever is negotiating a potential settlement needs all case data.

Additionally, if you aren’t prepared to negotiate, you extend the time and put it off until you are ready. Don’t you waste time preparing by compiling and reviewing loads of documents, once you even get around to it? This is avoidable.

Let’s fix this!

LawAlign has ensured that the information coming into your office goes into specific fields, so it wouldn’t be placed anywhere else. Strategically selected information is linked to a special Case Summary tab, so the second you need to know the entire picture of the case, it is sitting there waiting for you.

You’ll never need to search medical records, bills and notes to have a complete overview of your client’s injuries, treatment dates, medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, other damages and more. In one tab, you can view all of the necessary information to properly negotiate and settle a case, immediately.

Let LawAlign help you centralize all of your case settlement data, so you can settle for more, faster.


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