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Attention All Personal Injury Rainmakers!


Let’s talk business. How did you start your personal injury counsel career? Have you been lucky enough to fall into any of these categories?

·  An attorney who acquired a large caseload from a retiring mentor

·  An attorney who worked diligently to become partner in an already established firm

·  An attorney who opened his or her own firm right out of law school

·  An attorney who opened his or her own firm after practicing for another

·  An attorney who is supplementing his or her income with referral or co-counsel fees

·  And the list goes on….

The point here is that every single lawyer, no matter what category he or she falls into, needs to grow his or her business, without fail, or risk failing. Once a case is settled or a decision is handed down, you better have another to replace it quickly. This is not to say you won’t have highs and lulls, but it is a simple fact that if you aren’t bringing in new files, there will be no one left to represent faster than anticipated. This means that every single attorney working for his or herself must grow the client base.


It’s a given that you must do your best in representing your clients in their personal injury claims, and hope that your clients refer you.  It’s also a given that you should keep in contact with your clients, to stay fresh in their minds.  Furthermore, marketing and advertising campaigns are necessary, whether it be through social media, or old-school avenues. But there’s something else to think about.

What else?


Look at where most of your referrals are coming from and make sure that you are taking appropriate steps to ensure that those sources are locked down, securely.  If you are getting the majority of your work from a few people, you need to know this! You also need to keep them close! Don’t ever forget to track your source data, review it, and most importantly THANK YOUR SOURCES. Keep them apprised of your accomplishments and make them 100% sure that you are the best fit for their needs.

LawAlign can do almost all of this work for you. We have incorporated strategic fields for you to enter your source information once. Each and every time you have a new potential, link your source with one click. Our system will track what files are associated with each source.  Furthermore, we suggest that you use our automated plans or make an individual reminder for yourself to call or write your source to show your appreciation and keep in touch. It’s a wonderful marketing tool!

P.S. – Don’t forget that our system works with both Mac & PC, so you have no excuse not to allow us to demo for you. Let us help your business grow!


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