FeaturesApril 29, 20210

Stop Manually Entering Dates, Times & Names


In the world of personal injury attorneys and firms, every second counts. There’s an endless amount of pre-litigation work to do; investigation, records requests, client contact, bills management, etc., and even more to do during the litigation phase. Discovery can seem overwhelming and endless, right? You should ask yourself how you can minimize the time it takes to complete paperwork and tasks. Every single moment of time regained is more time for your work and play. We all want and need that!

It seems trivial to examine the time it takes to enter or write down simple little items like dates or times, but the truth is, it all adds up over time. Wouldn’t it make sense to automate the little things, so you can focus on the big ones? Your time is too valuable to waste, even if it’s part of a second.

Additionally, wouldn’t it make sense to utilize all of the digital resources that have arisen over the past decade? Our technological advances are helpful with respect to raising efficiency to new heights. Isn’t the web and e-mail much faster and easier than researching in a library or faxing? Take advantage of it!

When an injured client, opposing counsel, or an adjuster calls you to discuss an important personal injury claim, it’s necessary to not only have the date and time documented, but it’s also necessary to review all the notes and phone calls with respect to the file. All of this data is compiled for you in LawAlign, in one centralized location.

So if you are tired of manually entering dates, times and names of phone calls and notes, let LawAlign do it for you.  Each note entered into the many convenient note fields auto-generate the date, time and user of the note, including if it came from a specific tab, such as Insurance, Medicals, Settlement and so many more.  Allow our revolutionary personal injury case management software to accurately capture simple data entry information for you, and compile it in one location for easy access and review. You’ll be surprised how much time it actually saves in the long run.


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