FeaturesApril 29, 20210

With LawAlign PI Case Management Software you can use both Mac and PC’s at the SAME TIME!


LawAlign runs exactly the same on both Mac and Windows, so your databases will operate perfectly regardless of which platform you choose. Additionally, with LawAlign you can work on both Mac and Windows at the same time!

Many law offices that we have worked with are frustrated with increasing IT costs. If you know anything about PC’s, you will know that PC’s and IT Companies go hand in hand. While Mac’s are a little more expensive due to the initial investment, it is the best choice in the long run and will limit your IT needs.

We understand that changing all of the computers at your office from PC’s to Mac can seem a bit overwhelming. This is where LawAlign comes in. LawAlign’s Case Management Software can work on both Mac and Windows at the same time! So you can begin changing over your office to Mac at your own pace.

Regardless of your plan to use Mac or PC’s, or both, LawAlign can meet your needs and ensure that your staff will not be interrupted.


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