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Tasks Getting Lost & Not Done? Staff Claiming They Aren’t Responsible?

Using scratchpads, post-its, or your memory to remember important to-dos is a sure-fire way to failure. Paperwork gets lost, you have too much on your mind, and why should you be forced to rely on unreliable tracking systems like these? We have a better way to manage your personal injury law firm.

Furthermore, how are you assigning items to staff members? Again, using paper or verbal communication will most likely fail more often than you’d like. There is a solution to your law firm organization and workflow problems.

LawAlign can ensure that your important tasks, events, statutes, calendar appointments, etc. will be tracked and assigned with so much ease, you won’t lose or forget any work that must get done. It can also require your staff to be more responsible for their own work.

Our comprehensive personal injury case management system auto-assigns the user assigned to the case to every single task and event created, or requires you to assign a user before it saves, so there is ALWAYS someone responsible for completing important to-dos. You heard right; it refuses to allow you to save a task or event without someone assigned to it, always. This safeguard will ensure that you or one of your staff members is aware of every single item you must do in your firm, and makes sure that someone is responsible.

Of course, you can add and/or change responsible users, but someone must be assigned at all times!

Let’s take this one step further.

Now that everything has a responsible party, what if he or she is disregarding certain items, unintentionally? For all those super-important matters, such as appearances or statutes, set reminders which will auto-generate pop-ups every time you sign into the system. A box popping up on your screen is nearly impossible to ignore or forget!

Let us demo for you and see how we can help you manage your personal injury practice better. LawAlign will assist you in revamping your workflow, no matter if you are Mac or PC. Get started now!


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