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Hate math? Let LawAlign Do It For You

Personal injury attorneys need to be networkers, rainmakers, staff managers, private investigators, client advocates, case analysts, and so much more. Why would any also want to be accountants and mathematicians? They don’t have to be. Why should they waste valuable time with a calculator or hire someone to do it for them?

Our personal injury case management software offers the benefit of auto-calculating so much of your entered data, so that you never need to worry about working with figures. You need to worry about settling those cases and bringing in others, not your math.

Let’s take a look at some features.


  • Within each contact database, the system instantaneously calculates how many entries you have total, as well as how many you chose using the sort and filter options.
  • Within your case list, the system also instantaneously calculates how many cases you have total, as well as how many you chose using the sort and filter options.
  • Within your global task and event list, the system does the same. It immediately reflects your total items, and shows the amount of tasks and events you filtered and sorted to view.


Within your cases, there’s so much more!


  • Each case has a counter reflecting the age of the case from the date it was opened in your firm.
  • If you choose, we can set your file numbers to generate consecutively, so that when you open a case, it automatically assigns the next number.
  • Our case type deadlines will set the date and enter events, with the dates, for any important statute or reminders you need.
  • Workflow tabs count how many tasks and events are affiliated with the case, as well as change when you sort and filter.
  • An Other Damages tab will add up any of your client’s unusual expenses or claims tied to his or her case.
  • Medicals and Liens tabs also add up monies accrued, effortlessly.
  • Client’s lost wages are auto-calculated, so that once lost and paid wages are entered, the remaining lost wages are waiting for you, and with multiple entries, all totals appear.
  • LawAlign also totals all of your case expenses and settlements.
  • Most importantly, the Disbursements tab will calculate all figures needed to cut settlement checks.


So, all personal injury attorneys need to do now is call or e-mail us for a demo to check it out.  Once our revolutionary case management software is implemented, you can throw away your calculator, save time, and ensure the accuracy of your financials.


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