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Marketing for Referrals


Oftentimes we get too busy during the ever so quickly passing days to remember that marketing your business is essential to its growth.  Without recognizing this fact and acting upon it, your company will surely turn into a ghost.  A great deal of time and money is often spent on advertising campaigns, however, you don’t need to choose that avenue to be prosperous.  A little bit of effort goes a long way.


Keep in touch after you’ve done a great job!


Know that referrals are an integral part of any business and must be watered just like a plant.  Treat your clients right, ethically and professionally, then they will return and pass on their positive experiences to others.  This goes for both product and service based businesses.  Unfortunately, this is not enough.   If you don’t remind them of your existence, they will forget you amidst their own crazy daily life.  Give them a wonderful experience while interacting, then keep in touch over the years.  It’s a two-part process.

Most common and most often, client-based businesses simply send holiday or birthday cards or gifts.  Some make simple calls to say hello.  Either or both of these avenues are much more proactive and fruitful than handing a business card to someone ten years ago and hoping they remember you.  Keep your name in the minds of your clients consistently.


How can you be expected to remember and execute such a thing?


You don’t need to remember to do this.  Let your legal case management software help.  LawAlign will provide you with a database of clients, including their contact information.  Quickly and easily you can print labels for mailings or generate lists for phone calls.  These little helpful tools can have a huge impact on recurring business and referrals.  Don’t allow your clients to feel as if they are forgotten or unappreciated.

Additionally, set a recurring task once within your LawAlign software to remind you and your staff to execute the mailing or calls.  One simple entry will continue to generate reminders for the life of your company and software.  Put the memory burden on LawAlign.

By: Andrea Rothamel


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