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Workflow Organization


Workflow Organization Utilizing Legal Case Management Software


Are you finding that your employees spend more time searching files for documents and trying to figure out what needs to be done next, than actually producing work?  This is the most common and biggest time vampire in most Firms.  However, it can be easily fixed.

Workflow organization is the most effective way to increase productivity and therefore, generate revenue.  Without having the right legal case management software to organize staff productivity, most firms are considered antiquated and flying blind.  This leaves them vulnerable to collapse when competitors have the ability to produce more work, efficiently, error-free and easily.  Firms must get with the times and go digital or risk going under.

The appropriate legal CMS can greatly reduce, or even eliminate, human planning and arrangement, while providing all staff with instantaneous workflow plans.  Imagine every single employee knowing precisely what needs to be done at any given time during the day.  No more searching files for documents.  No more relying on memory to organize the daily tasks.  No more digging for Post-its.  No more interrupting other staff to answer workflow questions.  No more rummaging through legal pads and deciphering handwriting.

LawAlign can streamline each and every subset of your practice, and most importantly, workflow.  Stop losing time and money!  Imagine benefitting from all appointments, appearances, workflow, internal and external communication, document storage, back office management, finances and HR  being managed, centralized and streamlined.

By: Andrea Rothamel


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