TipsApril 29, 20210

Why we choose FileMaker


Cross-platform capability – LawAlign can run on Windows, Macs, iPads, iPhones, or any combination of these platforms.

Less costly development – Thanks to FileMaker’s rapid development tools, we can work faster and handle customization more easily, thus reducing the costs of development.

Power – FileMaker is based on a powerful database engine that can support terabytes of data and hundreds of users that includes a PHP API for driving your business. It’s used by many small and mid-sized businesses as their enterprise database engine and by large corporations and government agencies to support departmental applications.

Reports & Charts in Minutes – Ability to create reports with ease. Group and summarize your information while being able to modify your reports in various ways.

iPad and iPhone Solutions – Access LawAlign on the go through your iPad and iPhone. Complete tasks, track documents and enjoy the ability to be able to work on your cases and calendar at any given moment.

Working with Microsoft Excel – Export in and out of Excel. Using FileMaker and Excel together you can take data analysis to the highest level.

Security – Data is encrypted while moving over a network and web. Now your data is also encrypted when it’s on a FileMaker client or is hosted on a FileMaker server. AES 256-bit encryption ensures complete security at all times.


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