FeaturesApril 30, 20210

Case Expenses & Time Keeping


Keeping an accurate and detailed list of all case expenses and time is vital for your law firm. All staff should be taught and instructed to keep track of time and client expenses that occur through out the life of a case.

Regardless of how your rates are set or if all of your cases are contingency based, there are multiple reasons why your staff should be keeping track of the time and money that is spent. For example, if a client complains that your office did not do any work on his or her case, with the proper procedures in place, all you would have to do is print a report and walk the client through your documentation.

With LawAlign, you have the option to keep track of all the time that is spent on an individual file. Whether the time is for billing or record purposes is entirely up your office.

The same goes for your case expenses, once incurred, make sure to document. Keeping up with your expenses as they occur will save you tons of time and money as opposed to waiting until the end of your case.

Let LawAlign guide you to the best information and data management! We would love to have you try LawAlign for 30 Days free! Call us today!


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