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Case Ratings

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LawAlign is excited to announce that now you can rate your cases so that you are better able to categorize and group them. Users can customize the rating and the descriptions to better fit their law firm. With LawAlign’s Case Rating you can create a list of all of your D rated cases that have a value less than $25,000.00 and that you will want to Arbitrate if possible, as well as your A rated cases which have a value over $300,000.00 and where the liability is clear.

Case Ratings will allow you to better work up cases from the beginning as well as force the users to evaluate them so that no case slips between the cracks.

LawAlign client’s are already using the Case Rating feature in numerous ways depending on the set up of their law offices. It is a great addition and tool!

Many of LawAlign’s features are added from the suggestions and customization from our users. Here at LawAlign we are proud of the fact that LawAlign¬†was not created by one attorney, it was created by hundreds of personal injury attorneys, paralegals, and office managers, who shared their ideas and thoughts with our developers to create a one of a kind case management system, that is as powerful, as it is easy to use. It is a case management system that evolves with each new client that we have. Because our system is customizable, there is a free flow of ideas from the only people who matter, the ones that are working in personal injury every day!


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