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Client Birthday and LawAlign Operators


Finding client birthday


What sets LawAlign apart from its competitors are the LawAlign Operators and how easy they are to use. The Operators allow LawAlign’s Users to find anything and everything within their data. A great example of how easy LawAlign Operators are to use is finding client birthday.


How it works?


Simply search for 5/*/* in the Client DOB field and perform the find and you will have a list of all of the birth dates in the month that you are searching. Once you have your list, simply choose a label size within LawAlign and print all of the client name and addresses so that you may send a letter or a birthday card.

This is but one example of a search that you can perform within LawAlign with the (*) operator. With the (*) you may find zero or more characters in any field. Some other operators include (!) to find duplicate values. (<, >, …, ?, /, @, //, and many other operators allow you to use the data that is within LawAlign.

LawAlign is so much more than a case management software that simply holds your data, LawAlign allows you to also work with that data so that you can extract anything that you need to better evaluate your cases and organize your firms procedures.

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