FeaturesApril 30, 20210

Timekeeping for Personal Injury

Even though traditional plaintiff’s personal injury firms do not charge their clients by the hour, timekeeping can be used for much more than billing clients. Timekeeping can provide you with valuable information that can be used to better your firm.

Time records can track the progress of client’s cases by showing exactly what was done, by whom and how much time was spent. By showing clients a breakdown of the work that was done may improve client satisfaction. Timekeeping can also provide insight on how much time is spent on specific tasks, and shed light on the efficiency of your staff. The ability for staff to analyze how much time they are spending on certain tasks can even help them improve their time management.

Most importantly, firms can measure the profitability of different practice areas.

LawAlign allows you to keep track of your time with ease. Whether or not the time is billable, keeping track of your time will improve your staff’s efficiency and productivity.

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