FeaturesApril 30, 20210

What is FileMaker?

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LawAlign is a client/server application that runs FileMaker Server Database Engine.

FileMaker is a powerful database designed for the Mac or PC environment. It delivers high-speed performance without the need for an onsite database administrator. FileMaker is required for LawAlign to function.

FileMaker can be purchased directly through LawAlign or FileMaker, Inc. at $324 per license and $1,044 for the server. (Server includes 1 concurrent connection for FileMaker Go and web browsers.) Additional connections for FileMaker Go and web browsers are available. Please visit https://store.filemaker.com/US/ENG/RTL for additional information and pricing.

We love FileMaker. Mainly because, as the owner of LawAlign, Dzeni Hujic says, “Once it’s up, FileMaker just simple runs, an extremely stable platform, around since 1985, a subsidiary of Apple, Inc.!”


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