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We Love Feedback!

The heart of LawAlign are the happy clients. Without them we would not be where we are today. We work very closely with each client, so that we can understand their procedures, staff and what are the things that THEY need to get out of a case management system.

A paralegal from mid-sized Personal Injury Firm located in Melville, New York sent us the following, “The law firm I work for has utilized this system for over eight months and I am overjoyed that they made the correct decision to switch to LawAlign. My favorite feature of this system (in which I heavily rely on) is the “find” feature. This “find” feature provides me with easy access to basically any type of information I want search i.e., defendants, attorney firms, insurance carriers, medical facilities, etc. Other programs I’ve worked on would be limited to the types of reports I was able to generate. However, LawAlign allows the customization of any type of report which I need produce. The simplicity of generating documents and creating templates is also a great feature. The monitoring of daily tasks/events feature has alleviated the bypassing of critical deadlines. Since this software is so detail oriented, there is rarely a need to access a physical file since all the data is readily available! I’ve worked in the legal field for over ten years and can attest to the fact that this is by far the best program I have had the pleasure of using. I would highly recommend LawAlign to anyone!”

I agree! I personally could not go on enough about LawAligns FIND features, the ability to manipulate your data and easily access details is priceless. However, you can read about my obsession with the Find feature in my other articles. This article was to let all of the PI attorneys out there know that LawAlign is the BEST Personal Injury Case Management System and not because we say so, but because we tailor LawAlign to how you run and operate your office without charging you unreasonable costs! Usually with the purchase of LawAlign, we will include some customization, such as additional fields, custom reports, visual changes and etc. LawAlign is a one time fee, extremely easy to use and will get you the results you are looking for!

I encourage everyone to request the 30 Day Free Trial!


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