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One of our favorite features – Voice Dictation Using Voice Dictation can extend the usefulness of your Personal Injury Case Management System for iOS by eliminating the need for the user to type or manually enter text, numbers, dates, times or timestamps. How wonderful is that? Contact us today to schedule a demo!


FileMaker, LawAlign’s platform, is a subsidiary of Apple, which means go ahead and get those MAC’s that you’ve had your eye on! Unlike the cloud case management systems, LawAlign provides a customizable system that is focused on Personal Injury! LawAlign works beautifully with MACs! LawAligns Benefits:  In streamlining data organization, workflow and managing firm activity,...


You can exchange information between FileMaker Pro and other applications by saving, importing, and exporting data to other file formats. For example, you can import data that is currently in another database or spreadsheet program, or export address data in order to create personalized form letters with a word processing program. – Save FileMaker Pro...


An overview of the FileMaker User Guide will give you a more in-depth view of the FileMaker Platform and how powerful it truly is. Understanding FileMaker’s features will allow you to manipulate LawAlign’s Personal Injury Case Management Software to its fullest ability. We are excited to share it with you! Please contact us with any...